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I have been making & baking sugar free horse treats for several years.  
So many people have come to me and asked if they could be fed to their dogs.
the answer is YES!   

My sugar free dog cookies are exactly that.  Completely SUGAR FREE.  They are made with rice, flour, ground flax seed, and some flavoring.  That's it.  That is all that is in them.  

They are baked for hours, til they are as crunchy as the standard dog biscuit.   
 So, from that standpoint, they are just as good for their teeth, and not having any sugar, should be healthier.

The flax seed is wonderful for them, loaded with those great omega fatty acids, which is good for their heart and coat -  the same for people!  

Everything in them is good for dogs.  Many of today's top dog foods are rice based.
I personally feed all my dogs a lamb & rice dog food.  
 I use the flour to help bind the rice together.  Add a fair amount of ground flax seed and some flavoring.  
And the dogs seem to love them.

I do not make your dog cookies until you place the order.   So they are about as fresh as you can get.

Flavors:     Vanilla          Maple           Mint

They are $3.25/lb   and are shipped via Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes.

1 lb. dog cookies $3.25 + shipping $5.50 = $8.75  

4 lb. dog cookies $13.00 + shipping $11.50 = $24.50  

6 lbs. dog cookies $19.50 + shipping $11.50 = $31.00  

Now, just as I do with the horse treats, I can also make these dog cookies
using brown rice and whole wheat flour.  Many of my customers prefer this version.  Because both brown rice and whole wheat flour cost quite a bit more than the regular white, the price is higher.

The flavors remain the same -   vanilla,  maple,  and  vanilla-mint

Brown Rice & Whole Wheat Price  $7.00/lb.

1 lb. dog cookies $7.00 + shipping $5.50 = $12.50  

4 lbs. dog cookies $28.00 + shipping $11.50 = $39.50 

6 lbs. dog cookies $42.00 + shipping $11.50 = $53.50  

Feel free to email me with any questions, etc.

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Thanks for stopping by.

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